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Todays contemporary floor lamps article.

Give Your Window a Makeover by Rekha I Nambiar

Whatever you do with your windows, being in direct line of sight, it is going to get your attention. Use it to create a mood, make a statement, or focus a view. Take great care in dressing it, but at the end of the exercise, it should look like there was no fuss at all !! That is the trick.

Plan ahead.Think about your window treatment when you are renovating/constructing. Do not leave it till the last moment where it ends up looking like an afterthought. The best way to complement a good curtain treatment is the use of light. Natural light, table lamp, floor lamps, wall/ceiling fixtures (well, even candles work just as well, if you want to be really creative !!) They work to enhance the setting, and you can keep different options, to create different moods.

The window treatment should complement the design and décor in the room, and not stand out like a sore thumb. Think of your windows as a canvas. What you put on that canvas is up to you. Forget patterns and prints( unless they are really bold and defiant) , use colour and detailing instead. Concentrate on the texture and drape of the fabric. Be creative. Use painting, block printing and embroidery techniques to create a curtain/blind that is yours and yours alone.

If someone walks into your house, sees the curtains/blinds and remarks, “ That's interesting !” , you know you have hit the nail on the head.


The room where you are likely to spend the maximum time in your home. The décor should be something that you would not tire of easily and should bring comfort and warmth. It should also reflect your personality, because of all the rooms in the house, the bedroom speaks the most about who you really are !


In the example shown in the pic, the couple wanted something formal but simple. Conservative yet modern. Something that would create style, but not too much drama. Colour was out. Which left us with detailing.The simple drapes with a pleated heading and embroidered borders in the Greek Key motif are hung from ceiling height on a drapery pole. Ceiling height curtains make the room look grand.The full height of the wall is used to make the room look bigger and pulls the eye upwards.

A simple drapery pole in copper finish with nice ends stress the elegance of form. Hardware is an important feature of contemporary design and the variety of options allow for a lot more flexibility.

The fabric is a textured dull gold silk fabric with an excellent drape that focuses on style without fuss. A heavy drape with good pleats is an important aspect of curtain fabrication. The embroidery motif in olive green adds just the appropriate amount of detailing.

If the view from the window is good, use the lightest sheer that keeps away the direct glare of sunlight. On the other hand, if you have a bit of an eyesore to deal with( which is usually the case in the cities we live in), or another building facing your window, then a textured stripe or check sheer would work best. It gets you the light, and keeps everything else away.

In this case a semi-sheer check in three tones is used for the roman blinds that have a dual purpose Firstly, the fabric allows the light to filter in while providing the necessary privacy and hiding the view of the neighbouring house. Secondly, the blinds make the room look more spacious and are in line with the minimalist décor.

The fabrics are in tones of olive, dull gold, off white and beige that complement the cherry wood finish. The bedspread coordinates with the drapes and accentuates the individuality of the room. A coordinated bedspread is the perfect companion to a well thought out window treatment in a bedroom. As long as all the elements in the room from the furniture to the fabrics look like they get along, your room is a beautiful place to be. When one is out of place, it is a visual nightmare.


It is not just the food that is going to score points out here ( if your culinary skills are not that great, then working on the décor is absolutely essential !). If you are inviting your girlfriend/boyfriend, entertaining your boss, or having a small get together of friends; the dining room will work to impress.

Since dining rooms usually have heavy furniture and few accessories, the window treatments should make a statement and bring some colour into the room. The style of the furniture, the flooring, wood finish and wall colour would dictate the window treatment to a large extent. To create a feeling of warmth and luxury, use warm tones.


A dining area would generally have just one window.In this picture, we have a formal dining area that needs to make a statement of understated elegance.The dining table and sideboard are in a deep walnut matt finish, which is offset by the burnt stripe fabric used on the blinds. The diamond border in 4 colours on a soft apricot silk brings in the detailing. The sheers are an off-white self-stripe that add to the warmth of the room.

The double blind system makes the relatively small dining room appear larger and the valance dresses it up and gives it a formal touch. The apricot silk valance has embroidered borders that coordinate with the blinds and is casually draped over an antique bronze drapery pole. This makes it look contemporary while retaining the luxurious feel.

Dining room windows should have colours that are inviting. Warm tones are better for rooms with less light and/or dark wood finish, and cool summer colours are a perfect complement to the lighter wood finishes and bright well-lit rooms.

If you are using curtains then ensure that you have them drop from the maximum height possible to create a feeling of subtle opulence. A great view is best framed using a sheer fabric in pastel or summer tones in a heavy pleated drape.

Coordinated table linen to complement the window treatments is the ace in your pocket. Most people pay no attention to that at all. The ones that do, always get compliments for it. It is a detail that always catches the eye. (And sometimes, makes up for a not-so-impressive main course !!)


Modern décor puts an emphasis on lines. A curtain well done will accentuate the desirable architectural features and camouflage the shortcomings in the interior.


In the example shown,a fabric in a neutral tone as close to the wall colour as possible is used to ensure that one can keep the curtains drawn all day. A simple textured fabric is used with blackout lining in this entertainment area that is also a bedroom. The lining keeps the light out so as not to obstruct television viewing during the day.

A little drama is brought in with a six-inch band of suede fabric in deep forest green. The suede fabric acts as a heading and makes the room look contemporary. Why suede ? Well, it looks terribly hip !!! The eyelet drapes keep it simple, while the chrome finish rod coordinates perfectly with the walnut and stainless steel cabinetry, bed and chairs in the room.

Often, a contrast fabric used on the heading or along the length of the drapes is the best way to create the necessary embellishment, without interfering with the modern décor. The borders can be plain or with eyelets that have a sash running through it in a third colour that makes it look even funkier. A formal look would just require a bit of appliqué on the borders with a small beaded fringe. The colours used in the border could be an offset in a bright colour or it could be a tone on tone depending on whether you want to bring some excitement in, or create an understated elegance.

Did you notice the coordinated fabric made-to-order for the chairs ? Or the floor cushions ? Small details. Big effect !!!


By and large, unless it is a living or dining room, master bedroom or large French windows, blinds are generally a better option. They keep the look simple and the need to use full-length curtains is reserved for formal areas. Bedrooms that have half-size windows, are ideal for blind concepts.


A blind does not have to be just one flat piece of fabric. There are a whole host of opportunities to exercise one's creativity. One such possibility is the fan design that brings out the existing window feature and turns the window into a picture frame.

The stripe fabric brings in a lot of colour and is ideal for this particular design. The pastel green combined with a deep rust, peach and beige complement the natural teak furniture.

The tab top design allows for the use of a pole as an added feature. This one in a bronze finish has some interesting ends that serve as an embellishment. The blinds are kept half raised to allow the light to streaming in to serve as a backdrop for the fan.

The bedspread in matching colours makes an otherwise small and non-descript room look warm and inviting.


The posters come off but the spunk should still be there !!A boys' room should generally have bold colours, and depending on the age, should reflect their personality and taste in some way. This boy's favorite colours are blue and yellow. As is evident !


The golden cedar furniture offsets the blue and yellow used on the blinds. The cotton fabric keeps it informal and the check design has been created using two plain fabrics and stitching them together in a patchwork design.

A cross-stitch detail in metal thread gives it a contemporary feel. The blinds have a tab top heading with yellow buttons, fitted on a nickel finish rod with cedar finials.

The blind concept has been repeated inversely on the bedspread thereby tying in the concept with the furniture and décor. Generally cotton fabric works best in a boy's room as they come in bright colours and do not look formal. They are also cheaper and thus easy to re-do in another colour/design when the person gets bored of the style or grows out of the concept, as they often do.


The drama of youth wants to blend with the sophisticated elegance of adulthood. How much drama and what amount of elegance will do ?


A girl's bedroom is one place where colour and vibrancy are required. A bright paint finish in blue behind the bed draws the eye to the main wall in the room. The two windows in the room, a small one next to the bed, and a larger one next to it, allow a lot of natural light to filter in. The view of the lawn is unobstructed as the blinds are kept to the side all day. A plain organza in white with embroidery in a tone on tone all over pattern, allows for privacy without blocking the view. In fact, the lush greenery serves as a perfect backdrop for the delicate work on the sheer blinds.

To achieve that funky look the main blinds are fitted on vertical wooden slats which is give it a horizontal operation as opposed to the normal vertical one. The slats are fitted into the chrome finish hooks on the wall spaced at regular intervals. The chrome rings that fit into the hooks make the blinds look ultra-modern while keeping the basic operation very simple. Mostly they are hanging on the side with the folds overlapping vertically instead of horizontally.

The soft beige and bright red suede fabric on the main blinds give a feeling of luxury. The two fabrics have been stitched together in alternating blocks interlined to ensure the joints are not visible. This particular design is unusual not only in its design but also in its operation. It adds to the modern décor in the room, while keeping with the essential simplicity of form.

The bedcover with a linear hand-stitched design acts a foil to this style of décor and keeps the grandeur balanced with simplicity. A perfect complement to a 16 year old who would like a room to be bright and vibrant without looking too girlish, and yet bring in the element of femininity. Lots of drama, very subtle execution.


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